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Grow It Yourself: SkinCare

Written By: Qamra Clarke

Do you have a green thumb?

Here’s a list of just a few plants you can grow in your home that could benefit your skin.

  Photo Credit: Al Kawasa  

Photo Credit: Al Kawasa  


Most of us know chamomile for its calming affect when it's time to catch some zzz...But did you know that chamomile also has a lightning, brightening, and clarifying property at could really help your skin? Chamomile has a compound call Alpha-bisabolol which assist in skin rejuvenation. 

Even fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced when the use of chamomile is added to your skin care  routine. 


Fighting aging? Sage with its antioxidant power can help with that. As a free radical combatant rich in vitamin A, sage can help reduce the signs of aging. As a natural astringent for oily or acne prone skin, sage can help reduce breakouts. It can even assist in improving hair growth because of its circulation boosting compounds.


Let thy food be thy medicine
— Hippocrates

Possibly a surprise to many... pimples can be fought with mint. In the mint leaf you will find salicylic acid, which helps with excessive oil produced in the hair follicles of the skin. An overproduction of this oil can lead to breakouts. Mint is anti-pruritic, meaning it can soothe and calm irritated skin. 

Aloe Vera:🌱

Packed with vitamins and minerals we all know how beneficial Aloe Vera can be for the skin and the body overall. It's super hydrating, moisturizing and is anti-Inflammatory. Aloe can also help with skin cell 

turnover, leaving you with a more youthful appearance. 


  Photo credit:  Nord Wood

Photo credit:  Nord Wood

Want to relax? Lavender can help with that. Not only can it relax your mind but your skin could actually be relaxed as well by using lavender. Lavender is in anti-inflammatory powerhouse that soothes irritation and inflamed skin, as well as help as a natural antiseptic... so if eczema or dermatitis is an issue for you considering lavender in your skincare routine


Packed with antioxidants calendula is a beautiful flower that can help with everything from chapped lips to fighting lines in your skin and signs of aging.  Calendula can plump up your skin through hydration and circulation as well as prevent inflammation. It can help with wound healing and many other skin problems


Thyme is not just for cooking with, it can help fight acne due to is antibacterial property. Mixing thyme with a cosmetic clay like bentonite can really build a powerful mask to help you achieve a smoother blemish free complexion


Known to moisturize the skin as well as develop collagen and fight free radicals, rosemary is extremely rich in nutrients that protect the skin from external damage, some caused by over-exposure of uv rays. It's also great for building up skin elasticity as you age.

If you find this interesting please do your own research on plants that can benefit some of your skin problems and consider growing it yourself at your home... in your space... for yourself. 

Love your skin. 

Love your life. 

Love yourself. 



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