An Authentic Environment Where Women Can Thrive Artistically

Affirmations for Creatives

Written By: Aviance K. Washington

We all need to re-affirm the creative soul within us sometimes. Whether you're in a thriving creative space or in need of some inspiration to push you through a rut, these 10 affirmations will keep you focused and inspired. Your innovative self awaits.  

  1. The artist in me is present always. 
  2. I easily transform life into art.
  3. I attract remarkable ideas.
  4. My authentic self is ready to express and share.
  5. I allow my creative energy to flow freely.
  6. I am a powerful and impactful creative. 
  7. I am confident in my creative ideas. 
  8. Divine inspiration unfolds wherever I go. 
  9. My art is beautiful.
  10. I am dedicated to creating and expressing.