An Authentic Environment Where Women Can Thrive Artistically

Celebrate the 'Bae' - the brightest star in the room. She is gentle, graceful, and sweet yet bold, confident, and strong-willed. She takes life head on without excuses and builds her own destiny. She doesn't conform to what the world tells her a woman should be like and instead, empowers others with her aura. 

Bae Worldwide is about teaming up to create a safe space and a dynamic support system for women in all fields. Anybody who has an understanding of what it is to be a woman in a male-dominated industry and exudes confidence in herself is a Bae. 

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Transcending societal norms to create an authentic environment where women can thrive artistically.


There is a desperate need for more women advocating equality, empowerment, and female leadership in our community. We want to identify and inspire the next generation of female pioneers. By giving recognition to these women, we hope to solidify an alliance that cultivates a spirit of support and collaboration.

We are women who are unapologetically women.

The movement serves as a catalyst for a shift in the perception of female artists and a celebration of the progression we’ve made so far. Bae Worldwide curates showcases,live shows, interactive experiences, workshops, and volunteer opportunities in our local communities.